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Mushroom Growing Kits | Variety Pack


This is a fun and creative way to grow gourmet mushrooms in your own kitchen. This listing is for 12 of our kits in whatever gourmet mushroom varieties we currently have ready (will be chosen at random from current stock of pink oyster, blue oyster, black pearl oyster, king oyster, golden oyster, lions mane, wine cap and golden wine cap mushroom kits. All are easy to grow and great to cook with.)

The instructions cover two ways of growing them - the first is to grow them in a bag of rice on your kitchen counter, the second way is to grow them in a bucket of straw or used coffee grounds. Oyster kits include extra instructions for outdoor straw bed growing .There is enough culture included in each kit to start 5 bucket of mushrooms. Working your way through one of our kits will leave you with a foundation to grow your own mushrooms confidently, and hopefully, inspire you to further explore the world of mushrooms.

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