Calathea Lancifolia Rattlesnake - 4” Pot

This Calathea Lancifolia also commonly called the Rattlesnake comes with dark green leaves that have unique ripples. Like all Calathea plants, the leaves adjust as the sun rotates throughout the day. Calathea Plants, native to tropical South and Central America, Africa, and the West Indies, are grown primarily for their beautiful, brightly colored, upright, oval leaves. 
Care Instructions
Water: Keep the soil consistently moist, never allowing the soil to dry out. 
Light: Bright indirect sunlight
Soil: Plant in a container with drainage holes and use well draining soil. 
*Plants may vary slightly from photos. We recommend adding a heat pack when ordering plants during the winter months (November - April). Please add a Uniheat pack to your order to ensure your plants arrive safely to your home! 

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